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OES Report Nov 2023

These words are taken from the OES report

Leadership was excellent, characterised by a high degree of effectiveness among senior leaders who demonstrated professional competence, passion and unwavering commitment to the school’s values and vision.

Nicola Sowerby

Founder /Director

Nic graduated from Lancaster University with a Bachelor’s Degree in History and RE followed by a PGCE. Having worked in the UK for two years as a teacher, Nic moved to Grand Cayman in 2000 to join Cayman Prep & High School as a Humanities teacher.

During her career at Cayman Prep & High School, Nic became a vital member of the school’s senior leadership team when she was appointed Head of Middle School.

After 16 successful and rewarding years at Cayman Prep & High School, Nic fulfilled a dream of creating her own school that provides rigorous academic standards, coupled with a priority on personal well-being, happiness and, most of all, a focus on kindness.

Stephanie Rasmussen


Steph graduated from Birmingham University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Classics followed by a QTS. She worked in several private schools in the UK both in academic and pastoral leadership positions.

Steph’s love of Classics has impacted our small island; all our children study Latin and we are the only school to do so on the island.

Steph firmly believes in ensuring all students, parents, and staff feel supported and cared for.

Steph has been at CF School since its inception as a home school, and alongside Nic is committed to offering a top-quality education coupled with exceptional standards of pastoral care.

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