CF School

Our Foundations

CF School began as the Clever Fish After School Programme. Soon, parents whose children were not seeing success in larger, more formal high schools approached Clever Fish to home-school their children. These children were all bright, motivated, and engaged but were not thriving in their current settings. In our caring, nurturing environment these amazing young people saw success, developed their resilience, and lived our moto, Work Hard, Be Kind.

This small school quickly grew as parents were attracted to the special package we offer – excellence in academics but with a strong focus on personal well-being and happiness. Our Clever Fish location on Walkers Road is the foundation from which we grew.

OES Report Nov 2023

These words are taken from the OES report

CF School fostered a family ethos where all members were valued and supported.

Capable and dedicated leaders effectively led the school with shared values and vision. Highly effective support for students with additional learning support needs ensured all learners made good progress.

Clever Fish opened its doors in 2016 as an After School Programme. Soon parents, whose children were not seeing success in larger, more formal schools, approached Clever Fish about homeschooling their children. We started as a small homeschool and in 2020 were licensed as a school offering full-time education to children in Years 7-11.

From our humble beginnings as Clever Fish on Walkers Rd, we have established a solid reputation as a caring school that prioritises individual well-being and happiness. Children are measured from their individual starting points and are always reminded that kindness, happiness and resilience are as important as their academic grades.
In September 2025 we will transition from Clever Fish to the new CF School in Buttonwood Park. The new school will accommodate approximately 45 children per year group, allowing for around 15 children per class. Our school’s name ‘CF School’ echoes our original name of Clever Fish, adapting it to reflect our ethos in our new name ‘Creating Foundations’ for children to thrive.
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