CF School

Admission FAQ

We follow the Cayman Islands and UK Education age standards which are:

  • Age 11 by Sept 1st – Year 7
  • Age 12 by Sept 1st – Year 8
  • Age 13 by Sept 1st – Year 9
  • Age 14 by Sept 1st – Year 10
  • Age 15 by Sept 1st – Year 11

We endeavor to place children in their correct chronological age group.

However, we are open to discussions regarding an out of year placement if there are mitigating circumstances.

At CF we celebrate diversity.

CF School’s curriculum is challenging, its expectations are high, and all students are encouraged to reach their full potential. CF only accepts students only on the basis that their educational needs can be met and that they will benefit from our educational programme.

CF School has a diverse student body and welcomes applications from all denominations, cultures, and communities. We are an inclusive school and will accept children with additional learning needs. However, due to the number of vulnerable learners we have enrolled, we do not accept any child with complex behavioral issues.

We welcome you to visit us in our current location on Walkers Road to meet with us and to hear of our exciting plans for the future.

Please email to arrange.

Completion of the CF School application form

Whilst completing this form you will be asked to upload:

  • Copy of child’s passport page
  • Copy of child’s immigration status on island
  • Previous school reports
  • Reports from Educational Psycholigists, Speech and Language Therapists,
  • Psychatrist or any other relevant professional.

All children applying to our school will meet informally with a member of our school’s admission team. If the child is off island, this meeting can be held on zoom.

Our application fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please see our tuition and fees page for further details

We bank with Butterfield Bank.

CF School Holdings Ltd
Butterfield Bank, KYD Savings Account # 1361 873 880025

CF School Holdings Ltd
Butterfield Bank, USD Savings Account # 8401 8738 80037

We are pleased to offer the following discounts for families at CF School:

  • Full tuition for the first child based upon the child in the highest-class level
  • A 5% reduction for a sibling enrolled during the same school year.

We work with families to ensure their child is admitted to their school of choice. Some children wish to stay on island and complete A Levels or IB. Many others wish to join Boarding Schools for their final school year/s and we work with many reputable schools in the UK, Canada and US primarily.

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