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Beyond Year 11

Cambridge IGCSE is a great foundation for further study, including A Level, Cambridge and International Baccalaureate.

Many universities worldwide require a combination of Cambridge IGCSEs and Cambridge International A Levels to meet their entry requirements. Leading US and Canadian universities require Cambridge International AS & A Levels, but some US and Canadian colleges and universities will accept students with five Cambridge IGCSEs at grade C or above.

Having followed a rigorous curriculum taught by experienced and passionate subject specialists, children will be fully prepared to take their IGCSEs at the end of Year 11. We will then support children and their families in the next steps of their educational journey, whether that be on island or off island.

Broad Choices:

On Island:A Levels, IB or UCCICIS offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma ProgrammeA Levels can be sat at either St Ignatius or Cayman Prep. Entry is based on IGCSE results
Off Island:Boarding schools: UK, Canada & USBritish boarding schools offer A Levels or IB. This is a good transition for UK universitiesCanadian and US boarding schools accept children after Yr. 11 and credits can be gained with IGCSEs
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